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Beet Piler Catalog

Park River, NDBeet Pilers (whole assembly)

This is the entire assembly of the beet piler. It takes anywhere from 9 months to a year to build. We assemble it before shipping to check for alignment are wiring, then it is dismantled, shipped, and reassembled.

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Hoople, NDEnd Dumps (with or w/o slider kits)

The end dumps of the piler are the platforms that the trucks drive on to dump the beets. Then the beets are run on a cross conveyor to the main conveyor. They are sold with the slider kit or without.

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Hoople, NDTracks (5 or 8 boogey assemblies)

The tracks come in to two main sizes, either 5 boogies or 8 boogies. The 5 boogey design is roughly 100’’ in length and 21’’is width. However the 8 boogey design has better floatation and is about 133’’by 21’’

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Hoople, NDMain Booms (90’ or 110’)

The main boom is the actually boom that carries the beets to the pile and stacks them. They come in 90’x36” or 110’x42”. Not only do we build the booms, but we also stretch your preexisting booms.

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Hoople, NDSwing Assembly (turntables)

The swing assembly, also called turntables, is a large sprocket system that allows the boom to swing form side to side to pile the beets. We also install this if needed.

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Hoople, NDRear Steering (metal wheels or rubber tires)

The rear steering is the actual steering assembly that steers the piler. They usually come with metal wheels or rubber tires.

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KII can also fabricate small individual components. Such as screen rollers, tail pulleys, shafts, drive sprockets, slider assemblies, screen bearing blocks, conveyor belt assemblies, belt bars, gear boxes, and even drive assemblies. With any questions or interests in parts not listed, please feel free to contact us at 701-284-6194

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